sea sick mabuk cartoon cadet engineerCreating cartoons is done in the leisure hours. The subject of this section covers other aspects of life at sea and at shore. Sometimes it cannot fit into any of the categories we have placed below, but nevertheless incidents like these are very much a part of life at sea. Some of it is pure humor with no relation to real life. Take it with a bit of salt (from the sea spray). It can be fun.

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captain, inclinometer, rolling ship, cartoon “It’s better than an Inclinometer!”

In general cargo ship, the ship usually list to one side as the cargo is loaded or unloaded.

When the ship rolls during rough seas, the same effect occurs.

The toy car, and even plates can move about!

The study of Naval Architecture includes subjects in stability, trim, power, propeller, hydrostatics that can determine the behavior of ships

 shower on ship, shipping, cartoon, rolling, ship movement“The water is really running!”

When the ship rolls or pitches, taking a shower can be humorous.

The water shift position and you have to adjust to it.

Note the special hand rail. You can grab hold of it to steady yourself…what with the soap and water, it can be slippery!

 ship rolling, hanging table, ship movement, drinking, chill out“The ship may roll, but my bottle will not roll!”

By hanging a table using ropes, you can maintain the level of the table.

 tanks, tanker, cargo, general cargo, army equipment, arm forces“I thought tanks are carried in Tankers”

A purely fictitious remark.

Tankers carry liquid cargo like oil and chemicals.

measurement, tape measurement, distance, volume, cadet engineer, officer, ship“Are you asking me to measure Tonnage with a measuring tape?”

Gross Tonnage and Net Tonnage is a measure of volume, while Deadweight Tonnage is a measure of the displacement of water by the ship – a weight measure.

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