Solution for dismantling upside down gate valve

Have you tried to find an industrial solution for Mabuk, the cadet marine engineer? How do you remove the upside down gate valve safely? If you have given up, or you want to see how he finally did it, please scroll down the page and see.

How do I remove a heavy upside down gate valve for repair? The valve is upside down and it is very heavy. If the chain block is secured at the valve handle, the valve will swing dangerously – something Mabuk must not do.

Mabuk has chain blocks, slings, shackles, and the normal workshop tools and parts available.

parts of the heavy upside down gate valve Mabuk found 2 sets of long bolt and nuts, and 2 sets of shackles.

He opens 2 bolts and nuts at opposite sides of the flange of the valve bonnet and replace them with the long bolts.

He then proceeds to remove the rest of the nuts and bolts. Because of the long bolts, the flange of the valve bonnet drops down to rest on the nut of the long bolt, leaving a gap on the flange.

The gap is sufficient for inserting shackles through the holes left behind after removing the bolts and nuts.

Mabuk inserts the 2 shackles at opposite sides of the flange.

how they managed to remove the heavy upside down gate valve Two chain blocks were hung above the valve using wire slings. 

The hooks of the chain blocks were attached to the shackles to support the valve bonnet. The tension of the chain was adjusted taut so as to support the valve bonnet.

Mabuk then removes the long bolt. The valve bonnet was thus supported totally by the chain blocks.

With the help of his greaser, they slowly lowered the valve bonnet to the floor, guiding it by holding with the hand as it comes down.

The job was completed safely.

Think Safety!

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