Upside down gate valve

On board ship, Mabuk the Cadet Marine Engineer Officer has to face challenging situations and problems. In this page, we look at one of these problems and we invite you to give your solution or advice to Mabuk. Mabuk has been assigned by his 2nd Marine Engineer Officer to service a sea water gate valve. The valve seems to be jammed in a half open position and cannot be shut properly when needed.

How do I remove a heavy upside down gate valve for repair? The problem Mabuk has to solve is how to remove the valve and lower it to the floor safely. 

The valve is upside down and it is very heavy. If the chain block is secured at the valve handle, the valve will swing dangerously – something Mabuk must not do.

Mabuk has chain blocks, slings, shackles, and the normal workshop tools and parts available.

What advice will you give Mabuk?

Not sure how the inside of the valve looks like? Click here to get more information.

Give up? Click here to see how Mabuk solved the problem.

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