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measuring the pipe dimensions to fabricate some temporary solutionsFirst, Mabuk did some measurement to to find out the actual diameter of the leaking pipe.Then, he cuts a template out of a piece of sheet metal. template for fabrication(A piece of stiff cardboard will also do, but naturally, it will not be so durable). The rounded portion of the template is part of the diameter of the leaking pipe.

jig for rolling sheet steel platesHe then constructed a jig for rolling sheet metal. It looks something like the picture on the right. The two rollers are pieces of pipe and they are welded to the two flat bars. The whole assembly can be welded to the work bench or clamped with a bench vice.

rolling sheet steel to the required shapeUsing the jig and a piece of mild steel sheet, he presses the latter at different positions as best as he can until he gets a nice curve on the sheet metal.

He checks the curvature of the sheet metal often with the template, so that it will fit the leaking pipe.

Once he has the correct curve, he welds some tabs or strips at the ends.

The tabs or strips have drilled holes for bolts.

clamping piece that uses bolts and nuts with gasket in betweenHe made two pieces of clamps as shown on the left.During the fabrication, he makes sure that when the two halves are brought together on the leaking pipe, there is still a small gap between them. In this way, tightening of bolts and nuts through the tabs will compress the two halves against the pipe.

leaking pipe sealed tight by gasket between the clamping piecesNext, he gum rubber sheets on the inner surface of the clamps. These will act as gaskets.

He clamps the leaking pipe with his new clamp.

The repair should last until the pipe can be renewed or repaired at a later date.

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