Have you tried to find a solution for Mabuk? How do you repair the thin walled seawater pipe to the electrical generators if you cannot patch it with electric arc welding?

If you have given up, or you want to see how he finally did it, please scroll down the page and see.

hose clip clamping pieces of gasketsFirst, Mabuk tried to patch up the leaks by using hose clips and some pieces of rubber sheets.box shaped structure made from plywoodThen, he found some pieces of wood strips and plywood and fabricated a box-like structure using nails.

box shaped around the pipe filled with cementHe constructed the box around the pipe. He had to use all his skill of carpentry to cut a good fit for the pipe.

Luckily, he was quite handy with his fretsaw.

He sealed off all the uneven cuts in the plywood with pieces of cloth or cardboard.

a bag of sandHis Oiler kept some cement and sand in his store. He obtained them from him and mixed them thoroughly.a tin of cement kept away from the moisture ready for giving extra strength to the repair

box shaped around the pipe filled with cement He poured the cement / sand mixture into the box and let it set. When the mixture had set, the concrete acted as a strong back for the pipe. Although the walls of the pipe were thin, the concrete gave the pipe extra strength.

He was confident that the hardened concrete could last until the next dry docking of his ship.

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