Leaking Sea Water Pipe!

Mabuk’s ship is in danger of flooding! There is a seawater pipe that is leaking badly. If left unattended, the pipe may burst with grave consequences.

Mabuk the Cadet Engineer has to solve this problem very quickly otherwise his ship can sink. In this page, we look at his problem and we invite you to give your solution or advice to Mabuk. Would you like to help Mabuk?

how to stop the leaking sea water pipeThe problem Mabuk has to solve is how to repair the leaking seawater pipe.

He knows that the walls of the pipe is already very thin due to corrosion. He cannot afford to do patching up by arc welding. The heat from the arc will melt the thin wall of the pipe and create a bigger hole than now.

Furthermore, the seawater is connected to the diesel generator mains. If he were to shut off the seawater supply, the generators will be overheated and trip. If the generators were stopped, there will not be any electricity on board his ship – not even to the welding set.

His ship is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, too far away from the nearest repair yard.

His ship does not keep any spare pipe of this size.

What advice will you give Mabuk?

Give up? Click here to see how Mabuk solved the problem.

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