Opening boiler manhole safely

Mabuk, the cadet engineer is given the task of opening up the manholes in a steam boiler so that the other marine engineers can do the Boiler Inspection later on.Mabuk can do it safely if you give him some advice. In this page, we look at his problem and we invite you to give your solution or advice to Mabuk. 

Opening a steam boiler manhole

Opening a steam boiler manhole

Mabuk knows that the steam boiler is still very hot. But they cannot afford the time to let it cool down by itself. By opening up the manhole, the boiler will cool down faster. It will also allow air to enter the steam drum so that persons entering it will be able to breathe the air.

So Mabuk puts on his leather gloves, got some tools, and opens up the manhole.

What a surprise he got!

Steam rushes out once the manhole was opened

Steam rushes out once the manhole was opened

Once the manhole has been opened, scalding steam rushes out in a strong upward current. Mabuk did not expect this to happen because the boiler has been drained of water and there was no pump or blower to force the steam out.

In fact, Mabuk has already opened up another manhole at the bottom of the boiler, at the water drum, and nothing much happened then.

Do you know what went wrong?

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Give up? Click here to see how this happens, and what Mabuk should do to avoid this.

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