By Michael Bustamante

If you find inboard and outboard gasoline and diesel powered marine engines intriguing, then perhaps you should invest in a marine mechanic training program to attain the necessary skills to find employment in the field of boat engine repair.

Students will gain comprehensive marine mechanic training and hands-on instruction in the various technologies surrounding inboard/outboard gasoline and diesel powered marine engines. Students will also learn about the many engine components and systems such as diesel generators, electrical systems, engine section, fuel systems, lower units, lubrication system, outboard/inboard installation, powerhead, stern drive units, and upper housing.

Because employers are seeking highly skilled candidates to fill a variety of ship repair positions, those who have completed a marine mechanic training program will have gained basic skills in electronics and mechanical engineering that are essential in troubleshooting and repairing marine outboard and inboard motors. Some experience in the field of automotive repair may also be helpful to the job seeker.

Graduates can expect to work with technologically advanced power tools and equipment, including computerized engine analyzers. While job prospects are equivalent to most occupations, successful candidates can anticipate earnings from $9 to $21 per hour. Those who are ambitious and have gained expert skills through proper training and experience can run their own shop and earn well above the average mechanic wages.

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