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From: Thomas Yoon
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Dear Friend,

The world of shipping has been with us for a long time. Since ancient times, mankind had been using water transportation for their movement and trade.

There had been many perilous journeys made in the exploration of new worlds out in the vast oceans. Pioneers had risked their lives for adventure and profit.

Working with and harnessing the forces of nature in a marine environment can be quite dangerous if one is not careful. Engineers had tried to find solutions from studies in Applied Sciences. New discoveries often lead to profits and wealth.

Our Services

We, at Marine Engineer World, want to help people, particularly in the maritime and engineering trades, achieve a better understanding of the industrial world we live in. We have produced important references that will enable people achieve competency in marine, mechanical, and electrical engineering, the basic backbone of any machinery related industry.

Our Products

Our collection of e-books, courses, newsletters, references, and our seafaring pages are meant to help the readers do that.

In the modern, efficient and fast-moving world of sea transportation, the professional seafarer can hardly afford the time to attend to their own needs. Amidst the good life of adventure and traveling, there is often a lack in several aspects of life. Human relationships in a social community setting is often lacking in seafaring life. We feel that it would be good if we can inculcate values of social, physical, mental and spiritual growth into the lives of people so as to enable them to live more effectively.

We have thus compiled a collection of useful products that we feel will contribute much to their well being.

Life is a learning process. In our younger days, we often had to probe about and learn by a process of trial and error. It takes a long time for a person to be proficient using this method.

Marine Engineer World have joined up with many industrial experts in specialized fields to make these information readily available to all who want them. The learning courses produced through the efforts of these experts should make learning faster and easier.

Our learning courses, delivered in the form of e-mail newsletters, are particularly suited for the beginner, intermediate and advanced individuals who want to improve themselves.

For people who are looking for employment, whether in the sea trade, or on land, we have also prepared some useful tips for them. Our Seafarer Registrar is maintained to provide job listings for seafarers. Registered seafarers are provided with a regular newsletter that informs about jobs, careers, corporate behavior, motivation and so on.


Below are some background information about the owner of this site, and the services I provide:

I was trained as a Marine Engineer for Foreign-Going ships plying International waters. I have worked on many different types of ships that includes oil tankers (crude oil, vegetable oil, and chemicals), bulk carriers, containerships, and general cargo ships.

I have also worked in shipyards catering to all types of vessels, and sizes, the largest being 450,000 deadweight tons.

I am a Licensed First Class Marine Engineer with Certificate of Competency for Motorship with Unlimited Power and size.

Some of my working life were spent on Heavy Construction Engineering Projects:

Commissioning Engineer for the construction of a 300MW gas-oil-coal-fired power station
Field Engineer for the construction of a Chemical Processing Plant for a crude palm oil processing plant.

I have also worked several years as a Facilities-cum-Maintenance Engineer in major Manufacturing Industries in the electronic and health sectors.

I have also done Contract Maintenance of Buildings for major clients in the Telecommunications Industry, and with Commercial High Rise Shopping Complexes and Office Buildings.
With my vast experience in Facilities, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, I have decided to help others with my knowledge and practical experience.

Our Charter

Our aim is to help the Engineering Community by way of information, and resources. We know that the Engineering Community needs tools and ideas all the time. We want to bridge the gap between engineering suppliers, users, beginners and experts.

We know that Knowledge is Power and that power properly channeled will benefit everybody.

Our Plea

We need sponsors in order to run our mission well. So help us achieve our aims by buying the e-books we produce, and the products at our Shopping Mall and Marine Bookstore. You can also advertise with us or let us design e-books, e-book covers, and banners for you. We can also design websites for you, including registering domain names and getting it hosted by fast and reliable hosting companies. If you need cartoon illustrations for getting through messages effectively, we can also do that for you.


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