Getting married on a cruise is something every woman would enjoy. Somehow getting married on the ocean carries a romantic notion that appeals to almost everyone. It is a novel experience that is bound to be unique and enticing.

In the past few years, getting married on a cruise has become quite the rage. This is because wedding cruise packages are now available making it very affordable. Cruise ships have cashed in on this fact and are striving to provide all that is necessary for a perfectly romantic wedding on the sea.

Many cruise liners take care of all the arrangements for the wedding and the reception. All the bride and groom have to do is make an appearance on the big day. Most of the hassles of planning for “”the big day”” are taken care of and the bride and groom, family and friends can sit back and enjoy. The bride and groom would discuss their plans with a wedding planner provided by the liner. The planner takes care of all the details with minimum fuss.

An advantage of having a wedding on a cruise ship is that along with taking care of the whole wedding, the cruise ship will also drop the couple off at their honeymoon port later on. This saves time and money.

Different cruise liners are presently offering a number of packages that include everything for the perfect wedding, except clergy (the bride and groom have to bring their own).

Most weddings take place in a stateroom on the ship. This room would also be used for the reception. Some prefer to get married on a beach and then embark on their cruise. Still, many opt to getting married on board. However, in order for the wedding to be legal, it needs to be done while the ship is in port before leaving the dock.

Only one liner, The Grand Princess, has a wedding chapel and a clergyman on board that allows couples to get married before the ship leaves for the high seas. In the event the couple wishes to marry on the ocean, the captain of any cruise is authorized to preside over the ceremony. This is perfectly legal as long as the couple registers in the port the ship docks in.

Many cruises allow the wedding guests to come on board for the ceremony and get off after the ceremony so the couple can embark on their honeymoon alone. This is the best option as it is cost effective and a good alternative for wedding guests who do not wish to go along for the honeymoon.

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