Hi, how are you today? 🙂

I really love my salty sea buddies! Just had a party with them, sharing seafaring tales, joking and having fun. A brilliant idea came out very strongly. It’s like Archimedes discovering the principles of water displacement. Truly an Ahaa experience! I guess that’s how Naval Architecture was born and how great ships were built. Whether it was riding on a wave of inspiration or drifting from a typhoon strike, I don’t know. But I am going to make this Marine Treasure Chest Newsletter one of the finest afloat. And I need your help to make this happen.

You see, I want to keep you, my friend, informed on topics in the maritime, seafaring, engineering, industrial, oil/gas, travel field, and perhaps a few topics on what is happening in the world today.

I also want to have articles related to the job scene. After all, most of us want to work for money. And for those of you who have not entered the job market yet, perhaps something on career, jobs, opportunities, money making, resumes, interviews, dressing, classified, skills, courses, scholarships, colleges, college gear, books, study tips, and so on would be appropriate.

For those already working in the corporate world, I thought I should include articles on management ideas, self-improvement, leadership, efficiency, effectiveness, time management, organization, grooming, marketing, public speaking …

Then I thought, “Hold on a minute.” In order for this newsletter to be considered a treasure, and live up to its name, it must really help you, to realize your dreams.

I don’t know what are your dreams, but for me it’s financial independance.

I believe I have gone quite far on the internet (as well as to many countries around the world). Perhaps, you would like to travel this route too? So with that in mind, I feel I should include some topics on computers, internet, marketing, family, health, relationships, living life to the full, and so on.

Now, all these are my thoughts at the moment. I may not be 100% correct, but I will strive to deliver to you what you want. My email address is included so that you can contact me for any suggestions or feedback.

Together we will publish a really useful Treasure. Cheers! Let’s drink to a successful launching of Marine Treasure Chest and proceed with the maiden voyage …and find Treasures. All hands on board … Anchors aweigh.

That’s it, I’m off …

Keep smilin’:-)


“Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.” – Ann Landers