Hi, how are you today? 🙂

Can you imagine yourself carrying tons and tons of luggage when signing off from a ship? It’s the norm for us seafarers, isn’t it? I know that after your tour of duty, you will certainly have accumulated many personal items. Perhaps many of them can be discarded, but yet, you have grown attached to some of them and cannot let go of them.

Anyway that is your choice. Today’s article is about traveling light. Personally, when I go snooping around the nooks and corners of an unfamiliar place, I don’t like the idea of carrying excess baggage. I’d rather walk freely. Sometimes, I may need to fight or to turn to flight … Just joking! but it does happens to some of my friends. To tell the truth, I need to snap pictures, and my trusty camera is a bit on the heavy side … That’s why I managed to capture so many photos and post them at my marine website – I travel light.

That brings up another subject. How to be effective in life? Effectiveness is different from efficiency. Do you know the difference? It has something to do with the goals you set. It has to do with what you define as important. I will certainly talk about this later on, but for now – how to reach your goals by keeping score? It works in any field. This will be very useful when you are working for yourself because your future success depends on the goals you set today.

Next, I have an interesting article about being successful through making mistakes. Don’t we dread making mistakes? But the article actually says that making mistakes can make us successful!

Actully, making mistakes is not the end of the world. In any business endeavor, the successful became who they are after making many mistakes. It takes a lot of guts to try something, make mistakes, pick up the pieces, learn from them, and start all over again. But in the process of getting involved, perhaps with some financial investments, a person becomes stronger and wiser. He is already one step ahead of those who did not try. Another attempt and another mistake, he is already two steps ahead …

Do stick with me, and I can teach you what it takes to be successful, minus the mistakes …

Keep smilin’ 🙂