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How would you like to laze around on a yacht in the middle of the ocean, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, without a care in the world in your own private peaceful surroundings far away from the maddening crowd? Is it a dream?

Boat timeshares could be the answer to your dreams. For you, sea lover, I think this could be ideal for you and your family. And it won’t cost you that much. I think it will appeal to you if you like to be a part of the action and mess around with your hands and enjoy the fruits of your labour. You will cruise where the cruise liners go, minus all the frills and activities.

Which also brings us to some “Modern Laws of Nature” that seems to happen but does not have any explanations. Perhaps when you have a lot of time, lazing on a yacht, you might consider doing your own research to find out why they happen, or how they happen. Perhaps you can even come out with YOUR NAME’s Law and become world famous! Won’t that be exciting – discovering YOUR NAME’s Law of ABCxYZ for the very first time …

If you are in management, you might be very interested in tips for motivating your workforce. Sometimes it may turn the work environment into a “dog eats dog” atmosphere, but read on …You may find something useful there.

Lastly, do have fun and enjoy the blooper advertisements at my “Lighter Side” section.

Keep smilin’ 🙂