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I like travelling. The seafaring itch is still there. In my last issue, I have included an article on cheap flights. Today, I have another article that will certainly interest you because it is about travelling on a shoestring. Won’t that help to stretch your dollars so that you can buy more useful items? I really hope you like it.

When you are working in a corporate environment where the job competition is pretty fierce, you have to learn to survive. It’s a jungle out there. The fittest survive. Our article on facing resentment from the unsuccessful candidate should make life smoother for you. However, do read on. Employment is not the only option.

I did mention in my previous newsletter that working for oneself could bring more rewards in the long run. According to studies done, those people who work as employees for companies will find that their income will have completely disappeared once they have reached retirement age. So eventhough they had been earning good salaries while in their prime, they will lose out to those who had started slowly but surely towards self-employment.

The self-employed person, if he has focussed his energy correctly, will have set up systems to made money work for him. This money will keep on increasing even without much effort from him. And more importantly, it will pay his bills through his old age.

The article in this issue on setting up your own home office could be a springboard for you to better manage your life.

Lastly, I don’t know about you, but I enjoy generating wealth using the internet. There is treasure to be tapped out there. It works for me and it will certainly work for you. Do have fun and enjoy this issue. Check out my “Lighter Side” section and keep smilin’ 🙂

Best of Luck!