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We are aware that the job on board ship is a tough one. Not many people will find the life on board ship suitable for their temperament. 

However, we do receive many enquiries from seamen and other interested persons who would like to find a shipping company to work with. Shipping companies are also looking for people to man their ships. Shipping regulations have become tighter and tighter. Sometimes, companies find it difficult to locate qualified personnel.  

We have created a registrar to meet the requirements of both seamen and shipping companies. We would like to encourage you to register with us for a better shipping industry.

Shipping Companies, please contact us directly telling us your requirement. We maintain a list of seafarers who may fit your requirements.

Please fill up the form in order to be registered in our Marine Manning Registrar. Only persons who are interested in working on board ship need to register. Accuracy of information is important.

Once you have registered with us, we will be sending you information regarding marine, job, career every now and then. You can rest assured that any messages you receive from us will always contain unsubscribe information. You may unsubscribe at any time. We never share information between clients, nor do we sell, rent or give away our mailing lists.

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