dental, hypothermia survival, health supplement for marine seafarer professional concerning toothache, health, vitamins, minerals, food, life, physical, ergonomics, spiritual, lifesaving, seaman, marine, oil rig, shipping

Coping with Sickness, Toothache and Survival

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Dental, hypothermia survival, health supplement for marine seafarer professionals and oil rig concerning toothache, health, vitamins, minerals, food, life, physical, ergonomics, spiritual, lifesaving

Dear Seafarer / Visitor,

Have you wondered what you have to do if you fall sick on board ship in the middle of the vast ocean? Not a pleasant thought isn't it? We are not talking about seasickness, or motion sickness. That will normally cease when the ship is stationary.

On board ship, the 2nd Officer will normally have the duty to handle minor medical problems. Furthermore, all competent officers and engineers are trained in basic first aid. So there should not be a great concern if you sustain minor injuries like cuts, bruises, fracture of bones, and others.

If you have a fever, the 2nd Officer can issue you with common pain killer pills that you can just swallow. In no time at all, your body temperature will revert back to normal.

That is, if your body resistance is sufficiently strong. The body tends to heal itself even if no medication is given. Read about calcium supplements.

On the open sea, the air is so fresh that harmful germs may find it difficult to spread. There is no industrial pollution to harbor contagious diseases.

This page will help you keep healthy while working on board ship.


The method a person uses his body for his daily work activities should be the first thing to keep in mind to avoid injury. For example, if a person have to lift heavy objects, it is advisable not to bend the back, but to bend the legs. Any strain on the backbone could have lasting effects.

Methods have been adopted by stevedores for carrying heavy objects. These methods usually emphasizes putting the weight as near to the center of gravity of the body as possible, so that there is less chances of straining the back muscles.

When it is possible, use chain blocks, levers and other mechanical devices to assist in carrying heavy objects.

Here again, we find that a healthy individual is less liable to sustain injuries than one who is undergoing a stressful work period. Exercise is important to maintain the tone of the muscles and should be encouraged.

Larger ships often contain gyms where seafarers can workout physically. People who are overweight will often suffer many ailments. For them, it makes good sense to keep trim and reduce weight. Eating proper food and rest is important.

However, sometimes on long voyages, fresh green vegetables are no longer available after the first few days in the journey. Then, the only vegetables could be cabbages, carrots, and other long lasting vegetables.

Could the nutrition value be less then? Perhaps we might need to supplement on vitamins, minerals and other essential elements.

Health Food Supplement

When we fall sick due to germs, very often the body heals itself. The natural body resistance is able to fight back, even without medicines or drugs.

In order for natural healing to occur, the body resistance must be strong. It is the preferred method for healing. Especially with epidemics occurring in various parts of the world, a seafarer could be subjected to contagious diseases every time he goes ashore. Or even when his shipmate goes ashore.

It is therefore very wise to boost up on the body resistances with vitamins and other natural foods. Perhaps this might be the only solution for resisting various strains of unknown viruses and bacteria that have mutated.

You should arm yourself with health supplements to strengthen your own body resistance.


If you have a toothache in the middle of the ocean, most probably the 2nd Officer will give you clove oil to swap on the affected tooth. Maybe he will also provide a painkiller pills that can help you overcome the pain. But for how long?

It's only a temporary measure. Anyone who has a toothache will know that the pain can be excruciating and it could even affect a person's sleep. If the ship is still many miles from the nearest port, it means a prolonged period of suffering for the one affected.

So it is wise to complete all dental treatment even before you join a ship! Have a dental checkup before you face the open sea.

US residents can check out the most economical and comprehensive Dental Plans here.

There are also calcium supplements to strengthen the bones and teeth.

Spiritual Food

When you are faced with hurricanes, huge waves and tremendous forces of nature, somehow you will come to realize that your ship, creaking and floating on the vast ocean is just a tiny spec that is part of the ever changing tapestry of creation.

Perhaps some books for personal spiritual reflections will help a person ride through traumatic experiences either on the ocean, with colleagues or on shore.

The seafarer can sometimes be hit by very stressful situations that can drain every last drop of energy and will-power away from him. Seemingly "hopeless" life-and-death situations can occur.

Will he be strong enough to ride through those stressful episodes?

Spiritual programs like the Sedona Method can sometimes help a person overcome obstacles better.

Surviving Extremes of Temperature

Hypothermia is a condition that can be fatal in cold countries. The body temperature can drop so low that the victim will not able to recover if other people do not help.

It is good to stock up on warm clothing when joining ship. Thermal underwear are excellent because they are light and effective for keeping the body heat.


Take care of your physical body and you will enjoy your life on board ship. Take care of your spiritual growth, and you will find a sense of direction and meaning in life.

The seafarer's life is so full of adventure. Live it to the full and enjoy!



Marine Engineer World

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