To meditate on Wisdom is understanding fully grown; whoever is on the watch for her will be free of anxiety. She goes in search of those who are worthy of her, graciously meets them on the way and is present in their every thought. Wisdom 6,15-16

Wisdom brings up her children and takes care of those who look for her. Whoever loves her loves life. Those who rise early in the morning in search of her will be filled with joy.- Sirach 4,11-12

This blog is about finding bits and pieces of wisdom in our ordinary lives.

I have selected pieces of wisdom writings from many sources, many of which I could not attribute to their authors, simply because the writings were so widely circulated around without their authors.

While I strive to include the authors’ names whenever I can – because there is really no reason why I shouldn’t – I would like to apologize if I have used your writings without your permission. In this case, please let me know so that I could correct it.