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diy drill press

diy drill press

Nowadays, whenever I could spare some time, perhaps during the weekends, I would work on my paintings. Always a handyman and with the skills of a carpenter, I had constructed an art table for my work. This table was specially made for watercolor painting. It has a hinge table top where I can tilt it at a small angle for water to gradually flow down when I apply the watercolor washes over the paper. When not in use, my pallete could be stored inside to prevent dust from settling on the paint. Water supply from the tap was readily available, and my computer was nearby.

I must admit that my floor quickly become spattered with accidental droplets of paint whenever I did a painting. However, I could easily mop these up later. I have a hair dryer ready for use whenever I need to dry the paint very quickly.

In this blog, I would like to talk about my work, my creation and my struggles. In fact, I could just talk about anything under the sun or sea.  Collectors are most welcome to view my collection and buy from me.

I think the paintings that I had now will become good investments and will increase in value in years to come. As I mentioned earlier, a photographed scenery usually needed to be interpreted, modified and rendered by an artist in order to be presented as a perfect image which become satisfying to the eyes.

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