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Clothes Hanger

There was not much space for drying clothes in my apartment. As I am staying at the ground floor of the apartment, hanging the clothes outdoors was simply not feasible. Irresponsible tenants staying above would throw cigarette butts, sweet papers and other dirty stuffs down which would ruin my washing. Sometimes pigeons would let down their droppings which might land on the clothes.

What we would do was to hang the clothes on a portable hanging rack on wheels at the living hall. This did not do any good for appearances, but was necessary otherwise we would not have anywhere to hang our clothes.

In order to create more hanging spaces, I modified a table by installing a foldable hanging rack attached to some supporting structures on it. I even installed a rod between two walls and hung my clothes up high, reaching it only by using a long fork-ended rod.

Below is a video showing the progress towards designing a clothes hanger system to save space.

Initially, the weight of the whole assembly was found to be extremely heavy so much so that a person would find it difficult to pull it up.

The design of the whole assembly was then revised in order to reduce the weight. Later, it was found that a system of pulleys had to be implemented in order for the user to be able to effortlessly pull up the wet clothes hanging on the whole assembly.


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