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Dell Monitor Repair

Somebody gave me an old Dell Monitor 2007FPb which had a problem of switching off by itself. Not wanting to throw it away, I looked up the internet and found that somebody had solved the same problem by replacing a resistor which had changed value.

Whether it was a manufacturing quality control fault of what, I do not know. But when I measured one of the identified resistors which was already installed at the monitor, the resistor was showing a different value from its marking.

Since I did not have a surface mounted resistor, I substituted it with a barrel type resistor. Naturally, I had to drill some holes to install the new resistor. This was a bit tricky because the space between the connections was rather small, and I had to modify some connections with some additional soldered wires.

Anyway, after a bit of work, the problem was solved and the monitor could be used as normal.

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