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I was sent to Singapore for a course. During that course, I was under a lot of stress because many things had been worrying me – shifting house, down payment, bank loan, leg injury, job uncertainties etc. I had a panic attack that caused a shortness of breath and had to be attended to at a hospital.

I came back to Kuala Lumpur about a week later. It was with that frame of mind that I attended an Easter virgil mass at Petaling Jaya. I chose to go to the 9:30 pm mass at Assumption Church. It was there that I met Jacintha face to face. She was sitting quite near to me. What was so amazing was that it was near impossible that she had:

  1. Came from Penang to visit her sister.
  2. Her family, staying in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur chose to go to Assumption Church which was in Petaling Jaya.
  3. Came to the same mass as me.
  4. She was sitting so near to me that I could see her face to face.
  5. We were able to meet at the same instance of going out from the pews to receive communion.
  6. I for my part had chosen to go to Assumption Church and to sit at that place at that time.

Jacintha was a special friend of mine, and to meet her in such an impossible way gave me an assurance that God was still guiding me. God was great.


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