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Finding a House to Stay

“Always have an answer ready when you are called upon to account for your hope, but give it simply and with respect.” – 1 Peter 3,15

April 2008

Trying to look for another house to stay because the one I was staying was too near to a high tension wire, (it was facing the room directly and estimated to be about 25 meters away) I tried to look in the internet for leads. I was desperate to move out, because I suspected it was a health hazard due to exposure to high intensity electromagnetic fields.

There were a few leads, but because the appointment time for meeting the landlord was not suitable, I did not manage to secure another place. It was difficult for me to find a suitable house then, coping with a new job and a new environment and being completely alone. In the day time, I was fully occupied with work, and had to stay back until quite late at night. In addition, travelling also took a lot of my time. There was very little opportunity to find a suitable house. The only time I could really be free to find a house was on Saturdays. It was not easy because I did not know the different locations and was still groping around. Somehow the appointment time was not suitable for the landlords.

One Saturday, I walked across my house to another building and asked around. I found the agent who was dealing with renting out apartments and even though I was prepared to fork out between RM800 to RM850 per month, they suggested that I take up a studio apartment for RM550. That was really a bonus for me, as it included a car park lot, and I would have more privacy. It was on the 9th floor but was not furnished, but it came with air conditioning, and a ceiling fan and I was completely satisfied with it. But it was clean.

God had found a house for me!


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