Here’s some updates on the artist table that I was working on.

I found out that for so many occasions, by the time I arrived back home from work, it had already become night time. I did not feel the inclination to proceed with any creative artwork then because the lighting was not really bright enough.

So I decided to make a lamp for my drawing table. I figured out that none of the lamps available in the market were really suitable for my purpose. My design must:

  • cater for the sloping table top,
  • the lamp must come attached with the table,
  • must be bright enough,
  • the bright lamp must be adequately shielded from the eyes,
  • the lamp must be adjustable and foldable for easy storage, and must not interfere with the sloping table top,
  • can be switched on/off easily,
  • must be safe to use.

The following pictures shows the various stages of its construction. It is completed although I would want to improve the finishing a bit further.

Nowadays, I found that the lamp had become useful not only for close artwork, but also for my other activities like sewing a button for my trousers, writing, reading, and tinkering with small diy projects.

table lamp design, construction drawing

Sketch layout design of drawing table lamp with the proposed dimensions.

artist drafting table and lamp

Attachment for the leg stand of the table lamp. The table top (shown in vertical position) with hinges (shown at the top right) is shown opened, revealing the insides of the table. The long bolt ensured that the lamp leg stand does not interfere with the workings of the table top.

table lamp, artist, foldable

Horizontal arm of table lamp with attached lamp holders

lamp holder, fluorescent tube, lamp, artist

Lamp holder for 18 W fluorescent tube

fluorescent lamp, adjustable, artist bench, custom made lamp

Fluorescent table lamp, adjustable for height, weight balanced between lamp in front and ballast at the back. Still needing a lamp shade to divert the glare from the eyes. A piece of cardboard was later used as a lamp shade.