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Hold Down Clamps – Movable Gantry CNC Machine 14

My Movable Gantry CNC Machine has already had T-nuts in place at the baseboard. What the machine needed now were holding down clamps. With the holding down clamps, I would be able to machine thicker objects instead of using double sided tapes to secure work pieces to the waste board as I had been doing.

I found a good design from one of the youtube videos and was able to reproduce the design. What I had was hardwood strips and machining these were done using a 6 mm diameter end mill that I recently bought.

The videos showed the process of machining the holding down clamps. As you can see from the videos, the hardwood strips were clamped to the waste board during this machining by ordinary wood strips with a single hole drilled through for the bolt.

The single holed wood strips were simple to make and use, but they were not very versatile. Positioning them to clamp on any object could sometimes become challenging. The way I worked around this handicap was to drill more holes on the wood strips so that they could be extended to cover wider clamping areas.

The clamps in the design that I was making had grooves in the centre, so that they could slide within the bolt. Thus, the distances between the bolt and the work piece were more adjustable. In addition, the clamps contain thin and thick areas to suit different dimensions of objects to be clamped. This made them useful for clamping objects no matter whether they were thick or thin.

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