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LCS Engraving Project

Recently, I came across an interesting ship design called the Littoral Combat Ship or LCS for short, that would make a good subject for a v-groove carving project. With my movable gantry cnc machine this would be easy to do.

As usual, after creating a line drawing of the ship in autocad software, I could easily convert it to g-code using dxf2gcode software. The g-code was then loaded into the computer and interpreted by my LinuxCNC software to control my cnc machine. Easy-peezy.

Of course, I need to prepare the work piece first before I was ready to cut. The work piece was a piece of Masonite board which I had sprayed with white paint previously. So when the cutting tool, a 60 degree conical milling tool spinning at 6000 rpm moved across it, it left a v-groove impression on the white board.

The video shows the whole process.

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