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My Seafaring Journey – Then and Now

Day of the Seafarer 2022

Day of the Seafarer 2022 campaign

Celebrating the Day of the Seafarer on 25 June 2022 is a campaign organized by IMO (International Maritime Organization) where they invite interested parties in the marine industry to pay tribute to the contributions of seafarers to society. They invite posts of “then and now” to see how far the seafarers have come in their journey and celebrate their progress.

Below is a video of my contribution to the maritime field. Ships become safer when seafarers are competent in their field. In addition, the ships have to be in good working condition to withstand the harsh, corrosive environment at sea.

My last job as a ship surveyor helped ensure that the ship’s hull, machinery, loading, manning and lifesaving, communication, navigating conditions meet the minimum requirements for safety of life at sea and the use of anti-pollution equipment or procedures comply with conventions for marine pollution prevention of air by exhaust gases, of the sea by oil, chemical, sewage and solid waste in force at that time.

As a marine auditor, I helped to ensure that the management systems for safety and security are well understood and practiced by the crew and as an inspector for seafarer labor, made sure that the minimum seafarer’s working conditions are met.

The video shows a quick summary of my “then and now”. It’s an interesting life. Please share.

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