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Paper Roll Holder

I had a paper roll holder which was made of plastic. It was installed behind one of the doors of the kitchen cabinet below the sink. Unfortunately, it was broken off when I was trying to move about while trying to troubleshoot something not working with the kitchen sink drain pipe, while the cabinet doors were open. It was truly unforeseen, but it did leave me with a broken paper roll holder.

I tried to repair it by plastic welding because it could not be glued back. For a while it was working again, although it was not pretty anymore. But after some time, the joint broke off again.

So I decided to fabricate a new one out of wood, since I have a movable gantry cnc milling machine at my disposal. After a few hours of designing and generating a g-code for control, I was able to start machining. I had some scrap wood taken from dismantling pallets leftover from my other projects and I chose 2 pieces that would make a perfect pair for the two sides of the paper roll holder.

My design calls for a 1/2″ pvc pipe to act as the center shaft for the paper roll. It would also be easy to remove, so that I could take it out and replace the paper roll in it. Once the pvc pipe and paper roll is in place, it should be able to stay in place and the paper could be torn off for use from the roll.

In addition, it must be lightweight so that it would not bear down too much on the hinges of the cabinet door. It must also be able to be attached securely on the cabinet door.

Once the design was done, the machining was started. The video shows the milling of the paper roll holder. The paper roll holder was successful.

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