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Pipe Clamp from a Broken C-Clamp

I had a C-clamp which had broken off. Perhaps it had a flaw or manufacturing defect all along. It only took an extra clamping force to break it at its weakest point. The C-clamp was made of cast iron, and the quality of the cheap clamp was a bit dubious.

Anyway, except for the broken part, all the rest of the c-clamp was in working condition. I was determined to use it rather than to throw it away. What I had in mind was to make a pipe clamp from it. By converting it to a pipe clamp, I could use it to clamp wider items than it could as a c-clamp.

Since the clamping mechanism was made of cast iron, I would not be welding it, because I was not in a position to do cast iron welding. Instead I would drill some holes through it and extend it using bolt and nuts. Some other parts was fabricated out of mild steel parts which I could weld more easily.

The video shows the fabrication of the pipe clamp.

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