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Paintings 4

Below are the showcase of my older watercolor on paper paintings. The drawings of puppy and kitten were done in soft pastels. Click on a picture to see a bigger image of it.

wm-two boats beach

Beach Boats W45cm X H30cm 1986

wm-jungle stream

Jungle Stream W45cm X H30cm 1986

wm-pull boats storm

Pull Boats Storm W43cm X H30cm 1995

wm-loneboat beach

Lone Boat Beach W33cm X H47cm 1986


Tree House W30cm X H45cm 1986


Jungle Path W30cm X H45cm 1986


Shoe Dog W34cm X H40cm 1986


Long Ear Dog W34cm X H40cm 1986


Kitten Box W34cm X H40cm 1986


Dark Dog W34cm X H40cm 1986




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