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Spiritual Journey

“Always have an answer ready when you are called upon to account for your hope, but give it simply and with respect.” – 1 Peter 3,15

During the course of my journey through life, I have come across many, many incidents that can only be attributed to the guidance of God. Many of them can be explained scientifically and most of them can be brushed off as coincidence, and yet deep down inside me, I know that these things happen for a reason, and there was a resulting effect which put into motion thoughts and awareness that led to a better me. And I am very thankful for all these reminders. Just like a child who learned the dangers of playing with fire after getting burnt, I take these lessons or incidents as learning experiences, fully aware that somebody (God) is watching and guiding me when I walk not by sight but in the spirit.

In an attempt not to forget all these incidents and wonders, I have recorded them down as a response to the call of St. Peter:

6 Mar 2008
I found my way to St. Peter and Paul Church in Singapore while I was doing a series of courses which would last for 5 weeks. It so happened that there was a healing mass conducted by a visiting Carmelite Priest from Prague whose place had a devotion to the Infant Jesus of Prague. This devotion had an interesting tale of deliverance by itself, but I am not going to delve into that in this blog. At this mass I was able to petition for healing for my family and my ancestors.

11 Mar 2008
Staying in Singapore for 5 weeks had taken its toll on me. I had many concerns that seemed to work against me. I was under a lot of stress, and then I had a panic attack and experienced shortness of breath until I had to be examined by a doctor in a hospital. It was so bad at that time that I felt that I might die in my sleep.

15 Mar 2008
Was able to return back to Malaysia while waiting to attend another course later in Singapore. I found that my parked car could not start but I was able to get someone to help me get a replacement. I found another house in Kuala Lumpur and managed to shift during this time. Nobody was there to help me as I was alone.

20 Mar 2008
I managed to meet a Catholic man at a coffee shop who told me how to go to Assumption Church in Petaling Jaya.

22 Mar 2008
Attended Easter Virgil Mass. I chose to attend the 9:30 pm mass. Then at the end of the mass, I met Jacintha face to face. What a big and pleasant surprise for me! And she was sitting very near to me. What was so amazing about this and almost impossible that it happened on its own was that:

  • She had come all the way from Penang to visit her sister
  • Her family who was staying in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur,┬áhad chosen to go to Assumption Church which was in Petaling Jaya
  • She attended mass at the same time that I attended
  • She was sitting so near to me that I should see her face to face
  • We met at the same instance of going out from the pew after the mass was ended
  • I on my part had chosen to go to Assumption Church and sit at that particular place at that time

Meeting her had lifted up my spirits. I had known Jacintha very well and was close to her as a fellow facilitator for the “Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study” for many years. Meeting her was like God telling me that He was with me all this time and Jacintha was His┬ásign. God is Great!

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