An important component of the acrylic side light was the base which houses the LED’s and the electrical connection. As the name suggests, the acrylic sheet with the carved design had to be held vertically at the base, and the light source had to be arranged to shine at the bottom so that their rays would penetrate the sheet from its bottom edge.

I happened to have a piece of LED strip and I intended to make use of it for the project. So my first attempt to design a base was centered around the dimensions and placement of the LED strip. Later on, when I started to engrave more and more 2.5D images on acrylic sheets for side lights, I began to use cylindrical shaped LED’s. Subsequently, the base that I produce was designed around those LED’s.

Since I could easily work on wood, I used my movable gantry cnc machine to machine out the pockets that I would place the LED’s, resistors, wiring, and electrical connection socket.

After the machining was done, I would arrange the components and solder them in place. The base would be finished off by coating it with a few layers of wood varnish.

The video shows the attempts I made to accommodate the LED strip and then later another attempt to redesign so that I could use cylindrical LED’s. My preference was to use the cylindrical LED’s for my future projects.