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Wall Mounted Table Lamp

My work table was transported by car from Kuala Lumpur to Butterworth. In order for it to fit into the car, I had to cut off the legs to make it shorter. After it had arrived at its destination, I simply screwed the legs back so that it would be the normal size again.

My work area (workshop) at my house in Butterworth was more spacious than the space I had at the apartment in Kuala Lumpur. As I had mentioned before, my Movable Gantry CNC Machine would be shifted there, and now my special light box table.

Since I needed power at different locations, I did some wiring work so that I would have power for the cnc machine, work table and some power tools. If needed to, I could still extend longer wires to the far reaches of my work space.

I decided to dismantle the existing table lamp which was fixed to the table, and install a wall mounted lamp for the table. With the movable bed cnc machine, I was able to fabricate the lamp cover ends out of plywood and fitted corrugated plastic sheet for the lamp shade.

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