I happened to have a plastic CD which I wanted to throw away. I could use this to do some engraving.

There were many tutorials online on Inkscape software that I could use to learn how to do certain drawings. With a round object like a CD, I chose to engrave some text following a circular shaped path.

It was relatively easy.

With the 4 pieces of work-piece clamps which were able to clamp from the top, I clamped around the CD about 3 mm from the edges. The clamps were found gripping the work piece quite firmly.

In order to be accurate, I used the center of the CD as the reference home position. Because of this, I had to reconfigure and extend my table travel so as to enable movements for both positive and negative directions.

I inserted a piece of white paper below the CD so that I could mark the center point as accurately as I could. This mark would be the reference point for me when I set up my machine home position.

As usual during this initial experimentation period, I did a trial run with the tool not running and positioned at a safe height away from all the surrounding pieces of hardware before I actually let the tool spin and touch the surface of the work piece.

After making sure that the movements would not crash on the clamps, I lowered the tool and did an actual cutting operation test.

The test was successful and I must say the result sure looked attractive.